Friday, May 11, 2012

UC Davis Study Update

Yesterday afternoon, we went to Sacramento for the second PET scan at UC Davis Medical Center. Why UC Davis Medical Center is in Sacramento instead of Davis is anybody's guess, and it's confusing for my husband. As we drive past Davis on the way to Sacramento, he always wonders why we aren't taking the freeway exit to the university.

I'm pleased to report that it all went very well. We've completed both PET scans and an MRI, and now we get to take a breather until next month. We are hoping that somewhere down the road, someone will benefit from all of this. Researchers are working so very diligently to identify markers, a gene, something on which they can concentrate preventive care. And, who knows? A cure later could be the result of a breakthrough today.

As stressed as I felt in my last post, it's truly amazing what a good week we've had. I am so thankful for rest, for encouragement, and for the prayers that I know are holding us both up. I am believing that this evil report regarding my husband's health will be completely overridden and invalidated by a miracle. That is my hope.

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