Sunday, October 27, 2013

Are We Married?

Hi, again,

For the last couple of weeks, we've been having an interesting conversation as we cuddle before going to sleep. Yes, we still cuddle. You should, too.

He asks, "Are we married?" very tenderly.

I answer, "Yes, we are."

"How long have we been married?"

"43 years."

"43 YEARS?! How old am I?!"

"You're 65."

"65?! How old are you?"



"Yes, indeed. Wow."

And then, after a brief pause, "Has it always been this good?"

Come on! How sweet is that?! Tears come to my eyes as I answer, "You know, all marriages have their ups and downs. But [why ruin the moment?] yes, it's been mostly good."

And he seems very happy at that moment. You would have to know this man to know that such sentimentality is not something that flows lightly from his lips. And so, even though this disease sucks and makes me so, so angry, these moments are a treasure to me. I'm writing this down so I don't forget. This memory is a keeper.

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