Saturday, August 23, 2014


As I'm sure you have already surmised from my writing, I am a person of many words. I love a good conversation, especially a meaty one about current events or politics or new ideas in Bible interpretation.

I've heard there are three levels of conversation. At the first level, your conversation centers around other people. Gossip, for instance. At the next level, it centers around events. And at the third and deepest level, it centers around ideas.

We (my husband and I) can't carry on conversations at any of these levels any more. Here's a sample from this morning's ritual:

Him:  "So, what's happening today?"
Me:  "You have a doctor's appointment this afternoon."
Him:  "Oh, okay."
Me:  "So don't forget to take a shower when you get up."
Him:  "Why?"
Me:  "Because you have a doctor appointment today."
Him:  "Oh, okay."

I get up and go to the kitchen to start breakfast. I hear drawers opening and closing. I go to the bedroom to find him already dressed in yesterday's clothes.

Me:  "Did you take a shower, sweetheart?"
Him:  "No. Why? Should I? Do I need one?"
Me:  "Well, yes. You have a doctor appointment today."
Him:  "Oh, okay."

And yet, I do still try to engage him in conversations about ideas and events and people. Because sometimes, we almost succeed. And hope springs eternal.


  1. It boggles my mind. It scares me, saddens me, and fill my heart with love and gratefulness.

  2. Yes, all of those things. Me, too. Some days are better than others, and God is always very, very good.