Monday, September 1, 2014

It Isn't All Bad

Around our house, it was never a given that a compliment of any kind would be forthcoming, and a meal was assumed to be tasty if it was eaten:

"How do I look?"
"You'll do."

"Did you enjoy your meal?"
"I ate it, didn't I?"

In retrospect, I recognize that this was teasing. It had to be, because my food is absolutely amazing, and I'm gorgeous! Well, the food is edible, anyway.

So, the awkwardness or shyness or whatever it was that was keeping my husband from saying nice things is going away. Not all personality changes brought on by this horrible disease are negative. At least, not yet.

And so, in addition to telling me he thinks I'm beautiful, he's also telling me he loves my cooking:

"Did you enjoy your meal?"
"Yes, I did. It was delicious! Really, really good. Thank you."

Wow. Even "thank you." He might not remember what he just ate, exactly, but he seems to have figured out how to answer the question.

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